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Frequently Asked Questions

Dandles Candles Holiday Table

Do you still carry [insert favorite fabulous product from Dandles Candles here] ?

It depends. Not all of our beautiful candles are sold online.

Let us know what you are looking for by contacting us and we'll do our best to hunt down a product or make a new one. 


I heard Dandles Candles are refillable. How do I do that?

Yet, but refills cannot be processed online.

Customers wishing to refill their Dandles Candles container must drop off  their products in-person. And we only refill clean Dandles' containers. 

First, clean out your Dandles Candles' vessel. A little hot water on top of remaining wax will make it pliable and you can remove it with a fork or spoon. Wash with hot soapy water.

Right now there is one drop off location in Spokane, Wash. Drop off your candle container at Lucky Vintage for a refill. You can pick the same scent or new scent.


Where can I smell Dandles Candles to find a scent I like?

We wish the internet offered that feature, but alas, we haven't figured it out yet. In the meantime, you can catch a whiff of our scrumptious candles at one of our Inland Northwest retailers. Every store carrying Dandles Candles is listed under Retailers & Events


Which local events will have a Dandles Candles booth next?

It's easier than every to track us.

Check the Dandles Candles calendar to see where we will be popping up next. Our traveling Dandles Candles' stand includes products found online, seasonal favorites and limited edition candles with a vintage flair.